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several paint cans and color palettes  lying on floor


Build confidence in the paint color you'll ultimately choose by sampling color choices at home.

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Benjamin Moore offers a range of paint samples so you can eliminate the stress of wrong choices, and instead—focus on the transformative power that a fresh coat of color brings to your home. Choose the paint sampling option that works for you.

Display Chips: In-Store & Readily Available

Available for free from your local Benjamin Moore store, Display Chips are how most homeowners get started on their color search.

Tips for Using Display Chips

  • Pull and play Cut them, fold them, leave them on your walls…use Display Chips to narrow down which color family you’ll eventually choose.

  • Going darker? Lighter? Display Chips are great for seeing different color values, as they are typically organized by gradations of color.

  • Stack them up Layering and observing helps you compare nuances in warm vs. cool colors and undertones.

  • Graduate Once you narrow down a few favorites, move to Paint Color Samples, Color Swatches, and/or Peel-and-Stick samples.

arrangement of color palettes

While Display Chips may be Benjamin Moore’s smallest color swatches, they remain a vital starting point for narrowing down color.

Paint Color Samples: Brush Them On

Benjamin Moore® Paint Color Samples, available in 3,500+ colors, help you confidently test and choose a paint color you'll love. Liquid samples are real paint but remember that they are for interior paint color representation only, not for your final painting project.*

Our 8 oz. plastic, screw-top Paint Color Samples:

Tips for Using Benjamin Moore Paint Color Samples

  • Brush out at least two coats to get the most accurate color depiction.

  • Brush directly on your wall, especially if your wall is white or a light neutral—the new color won't compete against your existing one.

  • Consider using a white foam core board, so you can move the color around the room throughout the day to see it in different lighting.

  • For exteriors, use white foam board since liquid samples are formulated for interior use only.

arrangement of opened paint cans

Color Swatches: Tape Them Up

If you don’t want to paint, a Color Swatch is a great alternative to Paint Color Samples. A quick and easy way to view paint color, Color Swatches are…

  • Paper samples that are larger than Display Chips.

  • 4” x 8” in size with each swatch dedicated to one paint color.

  • Available in an eggshell finish.

  • For purchase online only.

Tips for Using Color Swatches

  • Use painter’s tape to safely adhere the Color Swatch to the wall.

  • Observe how colors appear in different lighting in both artificial and natural light sources.

  • Compare your color choices to one another in different light sources as well.

  • Keep your Color Swatches up for a while for a time-tested approach.

color samples lying on ground

Peel-and-Stick Paint Samples

Peel & Stick color samples provide a worry-free approach to selecting the perfect hue. An easy way to view large swaths of color on your walls, Peel & Stick color samples are…

Tips for Using Peel & Stick Color Samples

  • Move your sample around the room to see how the hue looks on each wall.

  • Wrap around edges to understand how the color looks in light and dark corners. This is a great way to view the color from multiple angles and in different lighting all at once.

paint samples arranged on ground
  • Reusable and movable from wall to wall, and room to room

  • Available in every Benjamin Moore paint color

  • 9" x 14.75" in size

  • Available for purchase on the Benjamin Moore Online Store only (please note: Peel & Stick samples are not available at Benjamin Moore retail locations)

  • Produced by Samplize using Benjamin Moore paint



Get the Right Angle

Don’t physically look down on Display Chips or Color Swatches—hold them up against the wall. Ceilings? Same concept—look up for the best color representation.


Add a White Border

Place your Display Chip or Color Swatch against a white piece of paper to make sure the existing color doesn’t influence how your sample color appears.


Amplify Your Color Samples

Observing a larger swath of color is important to your decision-making. Benjamin Moore Color Samples help you see a truer, more robust representation of color.

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